Powder Pig, Bugaboos

Early Dec Gothics 2021 was fantastic skiing!

Most of our very experienced guests rated the skiing between 7.75 to 8.5 for great "creamy" snow with lots of face shots! We were all glad to be there. One new guest said he had the "Best skiing day of his life!"

2019 Was Spectacular!

From one of our newest guests; "Your groups without a doubt are filled with the best people and are unquestionably the most fun whatever lodge you are in!"

 Jan 2020 Was Spectacular for our Group; again!
Galena was knee to waist deep the entire week with tons of face shots! 

GOTHICS: Dec 2018; 33 skiers:S19GO00A (Dec 8-15, 2018); Early December lived up to it's reputation. Awesome week of skiing. One day every turn face shots and overhead snow. Spectacular!

BOBBIE BURNS: Bobbie Burns Jan 5-12, 2019; Another awesome week. Some skied 170,000 feet. Week started off with very deep snow and fantastic stability. Heading back to the Burns again quickly. I achived 8 million feet w cmh. Never would have imagined that.

Confirmed 2018 Dates and Lodges

GOTHICS: Dec 2017; 33 skiers:S18GO00A (Dec 9-16, 2017);  It was somewhat of a challenging week but the gang had a blast again with Lisa joining us for the first time in 11 years. Hadn't snowed in 12 days, so the guides really had to work hard to find us good skiing. In the Monashees, two tough runs then great snow found for the afternoon. It snowed Thursday and everything changed, not real deep but caused the week to end up on a very memorable note.  



GALENA: Jan 2018; 44 skiers:S18GL031 (Jan 6-13, 2018);

Totally different from the Dec week. Snowed almost the entire week, only 2 gorgeous runs on Java Jive in the sunshine. The rest of the week was snowy conditions. Group loved it. Stability was a very serious concern so mostly skied around the lodge. Great runs on Mega Buba, North Goat, Old Got, snow continued to fill in skied runs. Fantastic week with multiple face shots from Wednesday onward. Good energy, great College Football Championship accommodation by the lodge staff. Can't wait to get back to Galena, always one of our favorites.

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2017 Lodges and Dates. 



GOTHICS: 33 skiers: 17-GO001 (Dec 10 – Dec 17, 2016)  It was a cold, very clear, no wind week. Lots of great Alpine runs. Very limited low altitude skiing. Snow pack was excellent up high, but very little snow down low. That's why we go to the Gothics in December, high pick ups. The group had a fabulous week. Thanks to all.


 ADAMANTS: Small group skiing, only 5/group:  The gang loved the small groups and wants to return in 2019!! We will see what we get!!!17-AXO4 (Jan 14-21,2017)


 BOBBIE BURNS: :What an awesome week. Many of our group skied 204,000 vertical feet, a milestone for any week of heliskiing.  Just Fantastic.  17-BB05  (Jan 21-28, 2017). 


Completed 2016 Dates

1. GOTHICS: 33 skiers: Another awesome week! Thanks to all that participated. 

2. GALENA: Just completed, again an awesome week! Great group, thanks to all that participated. Look forward to returning to Galena in 2018. (see proposed dates for 2018)

 3. BUGABOOS:  Wow! Another awesome week. Tons of face shots in spite of being stuck in the home drainage for the entire week. That also means the skiing got better and better as the week progressed.  It was fantastic.  Link for video of this week: Phil and Geoff's 2016 Heliskiing Trip